Building Bonds Beyond Business: The EBC Family’s Remarkable Connection

In the dynamic world of Executive Search and Management Consultancy, Edward Brown Consulting Limited (EBC) goes far beyond business relationships, with the aim to foster a sense of family. The “EBC Family” isn’t just a network; it’s a vibrant community of clients, placed candidates, commercial partners, and friends. Our most recent face-to-face meeting showcased the power of this connection, as an International team tackled the “Pretty Muddy 5K” to raise over £15K for Cancer Research UK.

Connecting Across Continents

Emphasising camaraderie over distance, the event united friends from Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Israel, Ireland, Austria, USA, France and Germany. Beyond the shared cause, the day reflected the spirit of collaboration that defines our global network…and everyone loves a good party!

Running for Resilience

The choice of Cancer Research UK was poignant, with eleven members of our placed candidate network having triumphed over cancer, and three of our team members currently undergoing treatment. The collective effort went beyond fundraising, symbolising teamwork, resilience and solidarity.

EBC Family” Values

Our commitment to the “EBC Family” extends beyond professional growth. We believe in creating spaces where ideas, best practices and even personal victories can be shared. Whether it’s connecting virtually or joining together for a fun event, the “EBC Family” is about supporting one another through the professional and personal journey.

Strength in Unity

As Anne-Marie Blanke and Sarah Booth exemplified by raising over £8K together, the “EBC Family” isn’t just a network – it’s a testament to the strength of relationships built on mutual respect, shared values and a passion for making a positive impact, far beyond the boardroom. At EBC, we’re not just passionate about our work; we’re passionate about the people who make up our extraordinary family.

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